Sprinkle Never in-a-rush Essence

Sprinkle never-in-a-rush Essence

Jolijn van den Heuvel & Bas de Weerd, duo-exhibition

DAS ESSZIMMER – space for art+, Bonn đŸ‡©đŸ‡Ș

In Sprinkle never-in-a-rush Essence, the work of Jolijn van den Heuvel and Bas de Weerd meets in stillness, in slowing down and in the poetic everyday experiences. In different media, both artists search for subtle image structures that show this sense of slowing down: in photography, ceramics, paintings, and video.

This exhibition project was realized in collaboration with Sea Foundation Tilburg and with the support of the cities of Tilburg and Bonn, der Sparkasse in Bonn, Kalender:Kunst im Rheinland and the embassy of the Netherlands in Germany

Installation view. from left to right; 1. Rosa BlĂŒtenblĂ€tter, 2021. 190x114cm Jolijn van den Heuvel
2. I’ll catch you later, 2020. oil paint on canvas 40x35cm 3. Mulligan, 2021. oil paint on canvas 40x35cm.

Venir de DĂ©rive, 2021. Oilpaint and hareskin glue on canvas. 40x35cm
Installation view. From top to bottom: 1. ontdooien, 2021. various pigments, animal bone glue, chalk and oil paint on canvas. 35x50cm. 2. Widow makers & Tapijt op rol, 2021, Jolijn van den Heuvel. 3. Infinite Magic Handkerchiefs, 2021. Oil paint and hare skin glue on canvas. 55x50cm.
Wachten, Wachsen, Waxen, 2021. oil paint and hare skin glue on canvas. 90x70cm.
Schuur (shed), 2020. Ground of sooth, charcoal, chalk, various bone glue’s and linseed oil on canvas. 45x40cm
left: Con Spirare, 2021. oil paint and hare skin glue on canvas, 50x45cm. right: Sterren licht, 2021. Jolijn van den Heuvel.