Bas de Weerd

Coming up:
👀 21/05/22 #OEOEartcall offline edition, Group show, works on paper at Tini Mini Room Dordrecht.

👀 28/06/22 – 14/08/22 Limburg Biënnale at Marres, Maastricht


Once, Hershele was selling antiques and trinkets in the market. Among his wares was a large canvas, that was entirely blank. A customer asked Hershele what it was, and Hershele replied:- “For a silver ruble, I will tell you about this painting. (The man, overwhelmed by curiosity, gives him a silver ruble). Well, this painting is a famous painting, The Jews Pursued by the Egyptians Crossed the Red Sea.”-“Well, where are the Jews?”- “They’ve crossed.”- “And the Egyptians?”- “Haven’t come yet.”- (Getting frustrated at having been duped) “And where’s the Red Sea?!”- “It’s parted, dummkopf!”

and then…

Infinite magic handkerchiefs

Sprinkle never-in-a-rush Essence, Das Esszimmer Space for art+, Bonn DE. Duo-Show with Jolijn van den Heuvel. 23-09-2021/16-12-2021

ACHTERLAND Group show with; Danielle Lemaire, Lennart Creutzburg, Lotte van Lieshout, Jeroen Schampers, Tyrell Kuipers, Jolijn van den Heuvel en Solanyi van Solingen curated by ZUIVER at ‘de Kruisruimte’, Eindhoven. August 2021.

WKNDX, WitteRook Breda. December 2020.

COCIDO, 60x55cm. Bone glue, deep frying oil, pigments, sooth and chalk on canvas. 2020. Limburg Biënnale, Marres, Maastricht

Look What the Wind Just Blew In, Ryan Lim Zi Yi & Bas de Weerd at LivingRoom, Rotterdam. September 2020

Destination Unknown 2019, Weert NL. residency and group show. July/September 2019

Kieren, 2019
oil paint on canvas, 65x60cm

In Het Midden 2019, TAC Eindhoven