I will never lie to you (baby boo) 2020, 85x80cm, pigment and paraffine wax on bleached cotton

Be in-between

pry it open
slide in
we move in mysterious ways
citizens of no-mans-land
out of reach
draft dodgers
we operate at dusk
and dawn
we first think of #1
hidden panels
false bottoms
trap doors
smoke and mirrors
we prowl
ready to strike when opportunity presents itself
modus operandi
in-between good and evil
in-between legal and illegal
in-between truth and fiction
in-between here and there
we can go anywhere
we are nowhere
to be found
half truths
half way
we lie, we steal, we seduce, we confuse
a ruse
clandestine operations
dark arts
secret knowledge
read in-between the lines
we taint young minds
we are con men
we joke
we misspoke
we avoid the trap
we mind the gap
watch your step
we move in the shadows
seep into cavities
we are lost in translation
we are a tingling sensation
we are neutral gray